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John Bevere

Marked by boldness and passion, John Bevere delivers uncompromising truth through his award-winning curriculums and bestselling books, now in more than 60 languages, including "The Bait of Satan," "Drawing Near" and "Driven by Eternity." He is an international speaker and co-host of "The Messenger" TV program broadcast worldwide.

John enjoys living in Colorado Springs with his wife, Lisa, also a best-selling author and speaker, and their four sons, daughter-in-law, and grandbabies.

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Relentless - The Message

In this life, you will definitely face hardships, but Scripture offers good news: you “will rule in life through Christ.” (Romans 5:17, TEV) As a child of God, you have what it takes to turn adversity into the strength to finish well!

In Relentless, you will discover the champion's view of hardship--but most importantly, you will learn to overcome every trial and tribulation. You are destined for strength in this life!

Learn what God says about…

  • Sickness, disease, and physical infirmity
  • Shame, guilt, and condemnation
  • Lack and poverty
  • Persecution and tribulation
  • Humility and submission
  • Character and prayer

"What separates those who are defeated by life from those who rule in life is the knowledge that battles and conflicts are inevitable, and that--unlike the natural person--we have power over whatever may come against us. So we can, and must, fight relentlessly until the battle is won.”--from Relentless

Session 1

Question: The word Relentless paints a picture of persistence, endurance, and uncompromising, unyielding determination. When you hear these words, what images come to mind? Name a person who has shown relentless courage. How have they made a difference, and how has their investment motivated you to help others?

Joyce Meyer

Founder, Joyce Meyer Ministries

Pastor Ulf Ekman

Word of Life - Uppsala, Sweden

Kari Jobe

Worship Leader

Session 2

Question: One aspect of being one with Christ is identifying with Him in His death and resurrection. Paul talks about this principle in Romans 6:4-7, 11. Describe what this passage speaks to you about being one in Christ.

Dominic Russo

Founder, Dominic Russo Ministries

Pastor Kong Hee

Founder & Senior Pastor, City Harvest Church Singapore

Session 3

Question: By God’s grace, Jesus healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, opened deaf ears, made the lame to walk, multiplied food to feed the hungry, brought deliverance to the demon possessed, and even raised the dead. What can you do as part of Christ to meet the needs of others?

Session 4

Question: Every trouble is a sanctified experience in the hand of God. If handled correctly by His grace, it will strengthen us to rule in life in greater ways than we dreamed. Think back to a major trial—one that was long and intense—you experienced and came through. How did it make you more like Christ and empower you to minister to others better?

Nancy Alcorn

President & Founder, Mercy Ministries International

Pastor Al Brice

Senior Pastor, Covenant Love Church, Fayetteville, NC

Session 5

Question: God is not the source, designer, or instigator of the hardships you face—Satan and his demonic forces are. Why is it imperative for you to know this? What will happen if you think God is behind it?

Pastor Jacob Aranza

Our Savior’s Church, Broussard, LA

Pastors Russell & Sam Evans

Senior Pastors, Planetshakers, Melbourne, Australia

Session 6

Question: Imagine you just led someone to the Lord—someone you’ve been praying for, for a long time. Why is it important to let them know that as a follower of Christ they will face troubles? What else can you say to encourage them and give them a balanced perspective of the true hope they have in Christ?

Christine Caine

Founder, Equip & Empower + The A21 Campaign

Pastor Gary Wilkerson

Lead Pastor, The Springs Church, Colorado Springs, CO

Session 7

Question: Pride is the opposite of humility, and not even those close to God are immune to its infectious reach. Lucifer was close to God, but when the iniquity of pride was found in his heart, God cast him out. What is God showing you about pride—its cause, what it produces, and how it can be averted?

Pastor Stovall Weems

Lead Pastor, Celebration Church, Jacksonville, FL

Pastor Bil Cornelius

Lead Pastor, Bay Area Fellowship, Corpus Christi, TX

Pastors Mike & Lisa Kai

Hope Chapel West O’ahu, Waipahu, HI

Session 8

Question: When we obediently step out on God’s Word, we experience His miraculous provision. Briefly describe occasions when God came through and provided for you. How do these memories keep your faith alive and your heart tender toward Him?

Pastor Paul de Jong

LIFE, Auckland, New Zealand

Pastor Steve Kelly

Senior Pastor, Wave Church, Virginia Beach, VA

Session 9

Question: When it comes to fighting the enemy, there are two extreme mindsets that exist among believers: one that looks for a devil behind every problem and another that chooses to ignore him, believing he will eventually just go away. What is a danger associated with each of these mindsets? How might you protect yourself from them?

Lisa Bevere

Session 10

Question: What immature or ungodly qualities has God removed from your character as a result of your obedience through suffering? What mind-sets and behaviors, that were once strongholds, are no longer active in your life? How does recalling what He’s done strengthen you to press on?

Pastor Matthew Barnett

Los Angeles Dream Center, Los Angeles, CA

Pastor Phil Pringle

Senior Minister & President, C3, Sydney, Australia

Session 11

Question: There is a big difference between wishing to receive something from God and being determined to receive. When we’re determined, we pray fervently. Carefully read the story in Luke 18:1-8. Notice that Jesus says we are to learn from the unjust judge, not from the widow. What does this speak to you about your approach to prayer?

Dr. Chris Hill

Senior Pastor, The Potter’s House of Denver, Denver, CO

Jimmy Evans

CEO & Founder, MarriageToday

Session 12

Question: Many who profess to be Christians today are reshaping Scripture to accommodate the trends in society instead of allowing the truth of Scripture to shape them. In other words, they’re reading into God’s Word what they want it to say instead of drawing out of it what it actually says. Why is this dangerous? How can you guard against it?

Pastor Joe Champion

Senior Pastor, Celebration Church, Austin, TX